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Anne & Gilbert

"Michael Hughes is the Gilbert Blythe of your dreams. He portrays Gilbert with a precise mix of a disciplined, ambitious, responsible young man, and the charming, flirtatious, playful boy of his youth. His performance appears so effortless and so sincere that it seems as though he just stepped out of a portrait from 1910. His beautifully smooth voice compliments the music nicely, and he also shows off his impressive dancing talents, especially in a rousing tap number." 

- Amanda Campbell, The Way I See It

"The eponymous leads were both very strong.  Michael Hughes, who was tasked with convincing everyone that he was the finest catch around, one Gilbert Blythe, showed depth and charm.  He delivered a particularly moving performance of All You Can Do is Wait."

- Lennie MacPherson, The Guardian

"[Michael] Hughes has a remarkable voice and great stage presence.  Hughes has a smooth, velvety voice, one that moved me to tears during one of Gilbert's more moving songs, "All You Can Do is Wait".  His refreshing, comedic approach to the character had me chuckling.

Hughes never missed a beat, word or note."

 - Nancy MacPhee, The Journal Pioneer

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